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Providing Everything You Need



Physical fitness and self improvement on your own terms. No matter your needs, we can create a custom program to assist you. Our specialties and services include:


  • Weight Loss

  • Physical Fitness

  • Safely Training with Weights

  • Injury Prevention

  • Post-Rehab when cleared from Physical Therapy

  • Medical Exercise to Address Chronic Injuries or Ailments

  • Avoid Balance Issues and Fall Risk

  • Improved Cognitive Function

All of our training programs include training programs, at-home follow up activity, meal planning and accountability.


While we provide Physical Fitness to clients of all ages, we know there are special considerations for Seniors to stay active, fit, and safe. We specialize in specific training programs for the needs of Senior clients. Do you or a loved one require some assistance in getting through your daily activities? A properly designed exercise program can help you feel more independent. We review a check list of issues to help define what is the best way for you or your loved one to feel more energized and independent by working out and increasing activity. Senior fitness is meant to design safe programs that take current health and joint issues into consideration when selecting the most effective activities for where you are now and where you want to be.

Senior Yoga
Physical Therapy Session


My post-rehab work with clients will balance your muscle tone, increase your flexibility, and give you the energy to make it to 100%. Our fitness plans pay special attention to treating the cause of your injury and helping you continue to be injury free and meet your wellness goals.


 Some injuries just won't go away, and you may feel that the discomfort may hold you back from things you want to do. Our medical exercise programming creates safe fitness programs that address your wellness goals and avoid aggravating chronic injuries on our path to getting you to be 100% independent while managing injuries that won't totally go away.

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