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Mindful Eating

In addition to increasing ones activity, it may be a good idea to add mindful eating practices to your healthy eating arsenal. Mindfulness is a term that has become embedded in our everyday language, but its meaning is more profound than how we use it in our driven, multitasking, social structure. This term has become popular because it urges conscious awareness of whatever the focus might be. It has become a method of encouraging someone to take good care of him- or herself. Likewise, “mindful eating” encourages us to gain awareness of our eating experiences.

Here's a guide to begin mindful eating:

Step 1: Eat one meal each day with no distractions (other than the company of other eaters)

That means no TV, books, or phone scrolling from start to finish. Do your best to be fully present with your food.

Step 2: Journal on your emotional state at one meal each day. Jot down answers to each of these questions:

Why did you eat? Were you hungry, bored, stressed?

How did you feel while you were eating?

How did you feel after you finished eating?

Benefits of Mindful Eating

Understanding Why We Eat

We are often motivated to eat for reasons other than biological hunger, such as boredom, stress, or social situations. When eating due to emotions, we often eat more or choose less healthy options.

Being Present During Meals

Today’s world is busier than ever, and that often means multitasking during meals. Eating while distracted leads to eating faster, eating more, and feeling less satisfied with your food.

Tuning Into Your Hunger Cues

Practicing mindful eating can rekindle your connection with both your hunger and satiety (fullness) cues. This in turn will make sure you eat only when you're truly hungry and stop once your body tells you its full.

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