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  • When To Hire A Personal Trainer

    Exercise Is One Part Science Anywhere I go, I usually get asked about "what's the best exercise for [insert body part or medical issue]?" I have a standard response for this: "well, is there any issue associated with [said part]?" No, it's not fair to answer a question with a follow-up question, but exercise should be based on data. If you are just looking for exercises, then a Google or YouTube search will turn up plenty of options. The question we should be asking first is, "what is the best exercise or are the best exercises for me?" Exercise is one part science. Too often, it focuses on aesthetics and this is unfortunate because how you look doesn't always tell us the whole story. "Being thin" doesn't always equal healthy, especially if there are underlying issues being ignored because right now you look just fine. You Can Just Start Exercising on Your Own Exercise is a broad enough term that you can start with anything to get yourself going. Walking, hiking,biking, running, joining an exercise class, participating in a team sport are all examples of exercise related activity that can address your body's metabolic needs. Your body needs exercise to regulate processes in the body, such as heart circulation, maintain bone density and muscle mass, digestion, lymphatic function to prevent disease, transport energy throughout the cells, just to name a few! You don't need a coach for this type of activity. Hiring a personal coach or trainer should be to help educate you and motivate you. You should feel comfortable sharing any concerns you have with your trainer or coach. A good coach spends their time listening to your issues and helping you find the resources to address them, either through their own knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) or via a referral to another specialist. Bring in a trainer just like you would go to the doctor or dentist: for preventative measure and examining the data. A Personal Trainer Is There to Help You Make Healthy Decisions Your meeting with your personal trainer should have assessments to see if you've been missing something from your current life decisions. Assessment types include: Looking at all of the data! Mobility - can you accomplish tasks like bending over to reach the floor, looking behind you, or reaching over your head? Balance - do you have difficulty ascending stairs without holding on, stepping onto a raised platform, or stepping down off a curb? Strength - can you easily lift yourself from the floor, climb a ladder, move heavy objects, or carry luggage? Endurance - can you walk uphill for an extended period, complete a hike, or walk from the far end of a parking lot? Safety - can I perform my workout without risk of injury? We conduct a fairly broad screen to rule out any possible injuries, metabolic disorders, or any other factors that could create problems relating to your increase in exercise activity. We consider it our role to collect enough data about you using screens and body analyzing technology to create an effective and safe workout for you at our facility or at your own. We consider it a privilege to build you an exercise program that you will enjoy and empower you to provide as much feedback and ask as many questions as you would like. Program building is done best with plenty of client input. Clients should continue to be well-informed about their care, be able to sustain their workout programs, and feel they are successful in sticking with the program. Should You Hire A Trainer? Give us a call and let's see if now is a good time 240-630-0298 call or text

  • Five Steps To Losing Weight When You're Over Age 50

    Data Shows This Combination Works Best Small Changes Go A Long Way You've Probably Read quite a few articles (like this or this) about how to lose weight, and nothing seems to be working. I can suggest a reason why: it's because the suggestions are not part of a plan. Weight gain functions like a disease, and was declared to be one by the American Medical Assoc. (AMA) in 2013. This led to a prevention and care program titled "Exercise is Medicine" which seeks to create proper exercise programming for each type of person. Medications are personalized, so should exercise be tailored to each person. Here's 5 great ways to get started on your own: Start With Getting Good Sleep On A Good Mattress - a older or worn mattresses can contribute to increased stress and low back pain all day long. Studies have shown that mattresses older than 9 years are most likely to contribute to these increases, so find a reasonably priced mattress that you enjoy to help improve sleep quality and duration. Calculate a good night's rest at Each More Protein - We eat to provide our body with things it can't make on its own. One of those nutrients is protein, which are building blocks for many parts of the body, including muscle cells. Just like driving a car on a low tank of gas, we can't get very far when we start burning up everything that's in the tank. Not eating enough protein contributes to muscle loss and makes your body weaker and less motivated to engage in activity. Professionals recommend thirty grams of protein per meal, depending on your activity level. Explore Your World - it's important to realize that muscles and bones are "use 'em or lose 'em" parts of the body. The body looks to be calorie efficient and reduce our demand for food. Being sedentary tells the body it doesn't need to look so hard for food, so it reduces the need to keep building up bone and muscle. Less weight, less caloric demand! That's why activity, especially social activity, is so important for maintaining health. The more we feel motivated to getting out and doing things, the more the body keeps up the bones and muscle that keep us thriving and looking to do more. Surround Yourself With Positivity - one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated to engaging others or other activities is to say to yourself "If I do this, then it can get easier." Taking on new things for yourself, or things to help others, and being around other positive people will reduce stress hormone (Cortisol) levels that contribute to weight gain. Set yourself to learn knowledge, find peace, be in harmony, and live in serenity. Small goals set you on your path to serenity by beginning with knowledge. So grab a book, and increase knowledge! Weight Train - there's no way around this! You have to lift weights regularly to maintain healthy bone density and muscle mass. How the weight lifting is done can vary greatly. Bodybuilding, circuit training, rucking, obstacle course training, HIIT, kettlebells, and so many other forms of weight training are available. It's worth trying out a bunch of things to see what you like to do, and variety can keep you committed to including this in your healthy lifestyle Looking for some coaching and personal attention to get you started? Call or Text 240-630-0298 and we'll get you set up!

  • What Is HIIT Training?

    Everyone is back into HIIT training again these days. HIIT is an acronym for "high intensity interval training." It was first developed in the 1970's by Peter Coe under the premise that fitness with fast interval repetitions interrupted by short recovery periods. One of his manuals is literally called "Better Training for Distance Runners" There has been significant study of the use of high intensity in fitness programming. Cardiovascular HIIT training involves programs of peak periods of exertion followed by lesser exertion times for recovery, which translates into faster mid-level exertion for endurance events. One example of this training is "interval training": one minute at a sprint pace (say 7-8 miles per hour) followed by a one minute jog pace (5-6 mph), repeating these intervals several times. The optimal number of repetitions depends on the runner's race length. Another example of HIIT training is called "circuit training." This was a backbone of Peter Coe's running program. He supplemented his runners with weight lifting with timed intervals. Some of the fastest runners in the world incorporate heavy lifting into their programs. This type of program stimulates muscle growth to provide bursts of power over medium distances such as 800 m sprints. However, most programs are not really HIIT, but HVIT "high volume interval training". The regular person gains more from consistent, repetitive motion than from super intense bursts, and are less likely to suffer injury because the goal is more repetitons at a manageable resistence level. HVIT is the backbone of our fitness programs at our studio because it promotes muscle gain, thermogenesis, and stress relief in addition to resolving chronic problems in the back, neck, and knees. Here's a sample program you could start on your own at home from another blog of mine: 5 Minute Workout With As Many Rounds As You Want Need some help learning the best and safest way to build your workout? Call or Text 240-630-0298 Email me

  • Design a Beautiful Blog

    When it comes to design, the Wix Blog has everything you need to create beautiful posts that will grab your reader's attention. Check out our essential design features. Choose from several beautiful layouts Your blog feed comes with many responsive layouts to choose from. From the blog feed’s settings in the Editor, choose the layout that’s right for you. The Editorial layout is great for readers to quickly find posts that interest them. Or you can go for a Side by Side layout that lets readers scroll down and see your posts one by one. Once you choose one, click Customize Layout to tweak the settings even more. ​​From the settings, you can also choose other things to display on your blog feed, like a Blog Menu, author name, likes and views, and more. Customize your post page Go to the Post Page in the Editor to customize settings for your posts. Changing anything here will change the layout and design for all your posts at once. Keep readers engaged by letting them leave comments and share your posts on social media. You can also display Related Posts and Tags at the bottom of your posts to help readers discover more of your posts and keep reading.