Post Rehab and Medical Exercise

Getting back in the race!

It can be challenging to get life back to normal after having had a painful injury. You've likely spent lots of time getting to know your doctor, your physical therapist, and possibly even your surgeon for more severe injuries. They've done what they can to get you back to normal life at your normal pace. As some PTs put it, they can get you back to 80% through therapy.

Let's talk about that last 20%

Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover exercise for your health. Insurance companies can decide to stop coverage if the therapist cannot demonstrate enough need for continued coverage, or if they limit the number of visits you have per calendar year. Living at 80% of your abilities can be frustrating. 

I've talked to my clients' physical therapists about their needs post-therapy to keep the client on the path to recovery. Here's a couple of things I've learned over the past 10 years:

  • Post-Rehab This means that your injury should be able to heal enough to allow you to get back to the things you love to do. My post-rehab work with clients will balance your muscle tone, increase your flexibility, and give you the energy to make it to 100%. Our fitness plans pay special attention to treating the cause of your injury and helping you continue to be injury free and meet your wellness goals.
  • Medical Exercise Some injuries just won't go away, and you may feel that the discomfort may hold you back from things you want to do. Our medical exercise programming creates safe fitness programs that address your wellness goals and avoid aggravating chronic injuries on our path to getting you to be 100% independent while managing injuries that won't totally go away
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