5 Habits to Get a Fit Body by Summer

Generally, if you’re planning to get fit and have a beach body by summer, you should start your training and weight loss efforts in spring which is around March. This will give you enough time to train, diet and get into the groove.

However, time alone doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your efforts will yield fruit. More importantly, it’s your daily habits that will determine if you make progress and shed the stubborn pounds while getting fit in the process.

In this article, we’ll look at 5 habits that will ensure you get fit and ready to hit the beach by summertime.

* Eating more protein

Most Americans don't get enough protein in their diet. Proteins are the building blocks for many parts of the body, including muscle. If the body is burning too many calories, then muscle is often the first to go. That leaves pesky fat behind to make sure you have enough energy to keep yourself alive.

That's why so many restrictive diets fail: too much exercise and not enough calories. Fat is what contributes to poor health and cardiovascular disease. So your body won't deplete the calories; instead, it depletes the calories burners

Figure out your Basal Metabolic Rate (that's your minimum calories to stay alive) and adjust for your activity level. Maintain no more than a couple hundred calories deficit per day. It's a slow fat burn, but fat is supposed to burn slow anyway.

* More fat, less carbs

Our diets are too high in carbohydrates and lacking in good fats. Just by decreasing your consumption of carbs and increasing your fat intake, you’ll be able to shed more fat.

It may seem strange that your body loses more fat when you eat fat, but when you understand that it’s carbohydrates which are the real culprit to weight gain, you’ll realize that more fat in your diet will help put you in ketosis. This will rapidly accelerate fat loss and your body will be much more likely to burn fat.

So, aim to reduce your consumption of carbs and processed foods and focus on eating healthy foods like avocadoes, coconut oil, oily fish and so on.

* Hydration

Drinking lots of water daily will not only be beneficial to your skin and health, but aids in weight loss too. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.

* Daily exercise

It goes without saying that to get fit, you MUST exercise. You cannot diet your way to a fit body. You may lose weight, but you’ll lack the muscle tone and definition that can only be achieved with exercise.

Aim to exercise for about 30 to 40 minutes daily, five to six times a week. It must become a habit. Include a mix of resistance training and cardio so that your stamina and strength improve.

* Watch your calories

While you don’t need to obsess over your calories, it’s important to eat at a caloric deficit of about 500 calories daily. You can find your numbers here: https://www.freedieting.com/calorie-calculator

Do not reduce your calories by too much. A deficit of 500 to 700 calories should suffice. If you cut your calories too low, your metabolism will drop and you’ll burn less fat.

These 5 habits applied daily will make your weight loss progress consistent and you’ll be ready in time for summer. Start slow and make gradual improvements so it’s not too difficult to inculcate these beneficial habits. Slow and steady wins the race.


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