Get Ready For The "New" Normal - Exercise and Protecting Your Health

In a previous post, we discussed some of the health issues that can arise from a lack of physical activity. In today's post, we're going to address how to stay healthy and active while protecting yourself from a virus or other harmful maladies that can occur during workouts

Avoid Public Classes Indoors
It's hard to give yourself enough space inside

One of the reasons for the shut down was to improve  "contact tracing", which basically means finding everyone that could have potentially come into contact with a person infected with a serious illness and alert them to watch for symptoms, or even take an antibiotic immediately. You're more likely to contract something with an indoor class for three reasons: people are closer together, equipment is shared, and the air conditioning blows the air in the room further than the advertised "six feet social distance".  Even without a declared pandemic, you should always be careful of other infections and diseases that can result from shared equipment and close proximity to other people. You can always wipe down equipment, but it's hard to protect yourself from someone else if that person isn't being careful, such as not wearing a mask or coughing and sneezing.

Get More Fresh Air And Exercise Outside
This group is too close for the "new" normal

One of the best ways to avoid getting infected by other people is to be outside, especially if it's dry outside. Dry air, however, can contribute to a loss of moisture in the body, so you'll want to hydrate more often, or work out closer to sun rise when there is a greater amount of humidity in the air. If you have allergies, you may still want a mask to reduce the amount of pollen you can inhale that might contribute to allergy symptoms. If you're taking a trail, try to give everyone space to pass each other, especially on the narrow parts. If you're taking a class outdoors, then try to give yourself about 12 feet between yourself and others around you, in order to avoid bumping into each other.

Schedule Private Sessions With Protective Equipment

Another way to ensure safe workouts is by electing to train in a private studio with a trainer. You can guarantee your safety and health in a totally controlled environment, more so than even in essential businesses like a grocery store. You can reduce your exposure to other people, effectively maintain social distancing, and receive coaching from a professional trainer that can guide you how to exercise safely and effectively.

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