Working out during COVID-19 Coronavirus Shut Downs

Workout ideas while keeping your social distance
With gyms shut down around the area and group classes grinding to a halt, it would be a shame to no longer continue being active. Research shows that a healthy, active lifestyle combined with at least seven hours of sleep and smart meal choices are the best protection against all forms of infection and disease.

Here are some ideas for yourself and your household to stay active:

1. Online Personal Training - using a video chat app like FaceTime or Zoom can connect you with your fitness professional and allow you to get a designed workout from home. Make sure to discuss what equipment you have available and what size space you can work in with your trainer. If you are a new client, get an online par-q from your personal trainer or fitness professional. It's also a good time to work on nutrition plans and see if you can get efficient on meal planning.

2. Try a Coaching App - many trainers also offer a training app that has customizable workouts and meal plans. It's less personal than online training, but a solid app will give you the accountability even if you're not working with your trainer face to face online. Make sure your app connects you directly with your fitness professional, Because some apps are almost entirely AI and are less likely to be effective for your unique goals

3. Try the YouTube rabbit hole - there's a ton of free content online. If you have a bike, treadmill, or elliptical at home and just need ideas for workouts, take a search on YouTube for "HIIT workout stationary bike", "bodyweight workout", "at home workout" or "elliptical workout" to get a few ideas of how to stay active.

4. Increase Your Non-Exercise Activity - studies have shown that those at greatest risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic disease are the most sedentary. Being more active during the day can reduce these risks significantly!!! Try writing up a non-exercise activity plan either by searching online or schedule an online meeting with a fitness professional to review your program and advise you accordingly.

5. Get Outdoors - keeping social distance isn't only for the home. You can find quiet trails and paths where you can safely be six feet away from other people. Try to select paths that are clearly marked and bring your cell phone with you to have a map in case you've wandered off course. You could also bring someone along with you if going at it along isn't you favorite thing. 

Always remember that this moment in time is temporary, and we'll get back to a new normal very soon.


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