A Simple Keto Diet for Weight Loss

One of the hardest things to do is to find a proper diet plan that keeps it very simple.
It's also difficult to focus on losing weight when there's all this pressure to be low carb and work out for hours in the gym right?


There have been some recent studies that indicate that many people are getting their keto diet all wrong. The keto diet is about achieving proper protein balance so that you feel more satisfied when eating a meal and don't overeat.

So here's the easy version of the keto diet. We'll get to exercise after that.

Closed fist size of a protein serving

Fists come in different sizes
Yep that's it! One can of tuna does it all for a meal. Or about a half of a chicken breast, or one tilapia loin. For our vegan friends, it's about two cups of beans (but we'll talk vegetables in a moment. 

SO that'll cover your protein...

Cupped Hands for a serving of vegetables

You'll want to get a hefty pile of veggies on your plate so that you can get enough fiber and vitamins to keep you going. Plus, veggies are less calorie dense, so you get more nutrition for less long term burn. 

You can't skip the fat though, because that's the last important ingredient...

One Finger's Worth of Fat

Yep we've left one spot for fat because fat provides you need a calorie dense product to help you feel satisfied. Studies have shown that more calorie dense foods slow burn your calories, so you don't feel hungry later, or even right after you just ate! SO add a little fat to your meal, like some olive oil to your salad, or spread some farm fresh butter on your bread, because it'll keep you from wanting more food later.

Now as for exercise....

... you don't want to exercise too much while cutting calories, because that'll also make you more hungry and defeat the purpose of your current goal! Walking more often, not sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time, and short workouts with weights for under 30 minutes are your best bet to increase your muscle and lose fat.

So make a couple of changes and see how the results stack up!


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