5 Tips for Overcoming Regret, and It's Impact on Weight Loss

One of the risk factors for overeating or binge eating can be related to having regrets that you've made the wrong choices for yourself. Whether it was taking the wrong job, asking out the wrong person, being involved with the wrong people, or feeling like you've been in the wrong place and the wrong time, a serious sense of melancholy over having made the wrong decisions can impact what you are doing here, today. The anxiety of regret can make moving forward difficult, if not impossible, to make good decisions for yourself moving forward.

5 Tips For Overcoming Regret

  1. Things Will Get Better Tomorrow
    The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow!
    • Stepping away from the situation will allow you to look at your past differently. Obsessing over what you don't know isn't nearly as fun as looking into how you can create opportunities for things to get better tomorrow. Also, take note of how you've handled how you are feeling. Accepting the feelings can be half of the journey. There is catharsis in moving beyond the regret itself
  2. Right Your Wrongs
  3. Change your viewpoint!
    • Sometimes our actions leave us regretting who we were, but that just means that we have the capacity for being better, even right now. There's no reason to not be the person you want to be right now. Taking small steps to correct the things you feel you may have broken, or ask forgiveness from the ones you believe you may have hurt are great steps toward coping with regretting a past decision. There is positive value in every experience, we just have to look at it from a different perspective.
  4. Talk to Yourself Like You'd Talk to A Friend
  5. Comfort from others or from within
    • We look to friends for advice, comfort, and a little light to lead the way. A wise saying once pointed out: "The bound person is in too difficult a position to free themselves from bondage." We all need a friend for support, and sometimes we can be our best friend. Moving to a place of light when everything feels dark can come from within, perhaps with some guidance from an amazing book or other piece of inspiring material. Practice compassion for yourself as if you were a friend comforting someone else.
  6. Pick Your Priorities, and Keep Them a Priority
  7. Keep Looking to Future Accomplishments
    • Regret makes you look at the past and feel that missed opportunities are now holding you back. The best remedy for this is to set new priorities for yourself that are meaningful to you, and set them as your future goals. This way, you keep yourself looking forward. It's also important to surround yourself with people who share similar priorities because you'll want the support from friends to keep you focused and motivated.
  8. Commit To No Longer Do the Things You Regret
    • Regret and guilt often go hand in hand, but if you've sought forgiveness and set new goals, then you're ready to show off the you that you want to be. Staying the course with being a person that in dedicated to their happiness, inner strength, and moral conviction can turn the past into a positive experience that has allowed you to reach today. Leaving the past behind you means that past regrets are today's lessons for a better future.

Apply These Lessons for A Successful Weight Loss Strategy

Regret and guilt can hold you back from a committed weight loss or fitness program. Past failures or not having signed up for certain programs, or resenting how much time you invested in a prior job or relationship that  is related to your current weight gain or weight loss, or any other decision that could have contributed to your current physical condition (maybe even getting injured while on vacation) is a regret that you don't want to hold you back. Commit to a program that can work for you, with people that care about you and share your goals and values.

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