Don't Exercise, and Accept the Fact That You're Happier Without It

It's the beginning of a new year, and the ads for "New Year, New You" have been playing for quite a while now. Everything from motivating yourself to workout, to tips on getting a new body, being inundated with messages that seem to keep saying that "you're not good enough, you should be better", and flooded with a sense of negative attributes about yourself that you need to change because this guy or girl has the answer.

The truth is that you have no reason to change anything about yourself. Accepting yourself and whatever it is about you that may bother you is the first step to change. Two thirds of people looking to make changes stick with those new patterns because they accept how amazing they can be. Studies have shown that people who struggle with weight, smoking, or other habits that may warrant change are three times as likely to walk away from a challenge to change when they feel they are being judged. It didn't matter if that feeling was either external or internal.

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