Top Fitness Trends Heading Into 2019

What To Expect In Next Year's Fitness

A short list of things you can expect to see more of and you should check out

I've made use of a scientific study and some popular fads to help build this list for things to check out as we close out 2018 and head into 2019.

  1. Wearable fitness
    • These are devices like the Misfit, Garmin, or Apple devices that track your movement, heart rate, sleep, and other functions to track your wellness. Mobile apps like SparkPeople are also very popular to help you with healthy decisions
  2. Group Training
    • Training with other people has only recently become a major trend. Group classes used to be small clubs that were hard to access. Now, the idea of working out with your friends has become a regular thing. We've been promoting the idea that being around supportive friends is a great way to maintain your commitment to health and wellness, and the trends show that people agree!
  3. High Intensity Interval Training
    • This has been a top five trend the past few years. Also known as HIIT, this form of training places greater demand (65-90% of your heart rate) on your body for a short duration, followed by rest, and then repeating. HIIT classes have been demonstrated to have the best results for the average person in the shortest amount of time (30 minutes).
  4. Fitness Classes for Older Adults
    • These types of offerings have been trending higher for several years. Classes are designed to incorporate many of the important aspects of fitness, such as improvements in mobility, strength, and energy, while being conscious of the limitations facing aging populations. You can read about the importance of fitness in older adults here.
  5. Personal Training
    • A fan favorite for many years, personal training is still one of the most popular options for those looking to begin or maintain their fitness and wellness program. Personal training incorporates exercise program design, wellness coaching, meal planning, and overall accountability meant for a successful fitness program. You can check out our questionnaire about hiring a personal trainer on our website.


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