Best Fitness Wearables For a Cold Winter!

Finding fitness wearables that track more than steps.

Cyber Monday and all the way through the end of 2018 means that sales are online reducing the cost of many useful wearable devices. You can check out a few of the best deals here.

A few of these trackers will track how often you get up and move around, your heart rate variability, and whether you have been seated for too long! Check out the vivosmart by Garmin which is really well priced right now!

One of the best fitness trackers right now is really very simple. Track your steps and heart rate, with settings to save and transfer your information. You can buy it here.

Some wearables can attach to your shoe. If you don't like watches, then this may be your best option. It's limited in that it cannot track metabolic information like heartrate or sleep.

Speaking of sleep: some of these monitors can track your sleep too! MOTIV makes a fairly complete package that you can wear several days in a row to track your wellness. Fitbit makes a less expensive and simple version.

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