Punch Out Stress With Boxing and MMA

Punching and kicking can be Cathartic

It's a great way to get moving in a fun and different way!

There has been renewed interest in contact sports in recent years with the expansion of fitness classes offered in boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, krav maga and some hybrid classes. A study of top trends in fitness for this year 2018 shows that boxing and its related forms of contact sport are a primary interest for fitness seekers. It offers a quick burst of high energy exercises, a combination of strength and cardio, and lends itself well to a social format for keeping up with your fitness goals.

Some Studies Show It Helps Relieve Stress

One of the reasons why boxing and MMA have become a popular fitness trend is that they help men and women relieve some of the stress in their lives by engaging in contact fitness, either striking contact gear or sparring a partner. A few studies concluded that the repetitive contact was helpful in reducing stress especially in college age women. A couple of reasons why it was effective is do to the usual endorphin effect of exercise and how it helps change metabolic imbalance in the body and has positive impact to  influence mood.

Boxing Can Be Cathartic, But Beware Of Chronic Anger

While elevated levels of endorphins are associated with improved mood and relieving feelings of depression, these feelings are similar to those of the "runners high" or the "pump" felt by body builders. The euphoric feeling is cathartic, which means that it can help for now, but is not a remedy for any long term anger issues (see related article here). If angry mood swings persist, then the fitness program can be tailored to address these issues via psychotherapy.

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