How to Identify Foot Pain

Some Questions To Consider Regarding your Foot Pain

 Make it Easy For A Medical Professional To Help You

There are several issue to consider when identifying problems in your foot. The questions I will be listing here should help you when consulting with your doctor about issues related to your foot:
  • Does your foot hurt when your walk/stand or is it even when you are resting/off of your feet?
  • What sensation do you feel? Is it a pain or a burning sensation?
    • Burning or other uncomfortable sensations can be nerve related
  • If you feel pain only when standing or moving:
    • Do you shift away from the affected leg when walking or standing onto your other foot?
    • When walking, when do you notice your pain? When you step forward, shift your weight, or bring the leg behind you?
    • Where does the pain appear in your foot? Top or bottom? Arch or side? Front or back of heel? Inside or outside of ankle? Back of foot up the Achilles tendon?
  • Does the pain appear as you go through range of motion of your foot?
    • Here's a video about range of motion in the foot:
    • Note which directions hurt or pull
  • Have you already tried RICE and symptoms are not improving? RICE is:

    • Rest - try lying down and reduce activity
    • Ice - applying cold will reduce swelling. 
Here's a great DIY ice pack from physical therapists
    • Compress -  wrap an ACE bandage around your foot towards your heart or use a compression sock
    • Elevate - while lying down, keep affected foot above your heart to reduce swelling
  • Has your condition improved in the past week engaging in RICE?
If your discomfort persists for more than a week or two, then you should be contacting a medical professional. I can recommend contacting your internist, podiatrist, physiatrist or physical therapist, depending on your health care plan. Once you have been medically cleared for regular activity, consider taking some sessions in medical exercise. Our goal is to help identify places that need strengthening or mobilizing in order to help you move better and to treat the pathology that led to your foot pain.

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